December 31, 2010 Greg Shue, AIA

This island house concept was designed with a couple goals in mind.  First, the house should reflect the needs of a family near the beach.  Second, it should be reflect a construction budget of around $300 per square foot.

Porches with interchangeable panels allow year-round flexibility to either enclose spaces with window panes and wood panels below (to the right of the porch door, envisioned here as a Dining Porch), or have the breezes cool the house naturally with screen panels with balusters below (see to the left of the porch door).  Also, the front door is beyond the porch door, which provides a buffer to de-shoe, drop wet umbrellas, allow wet dogs to shake, et cetera.

The effort to keep costs reasonable for this design includes the use of simple massing, reasonable size, asphalt shingles, simple eaves with rafter tails, painted wood millwork and trim, stock windows in the dormers, crawl space in lieu of open-air carport under the house, and overall straightforward construction.  Moments of special detail have been kept to areas of the highest visibility (to get the most bang for the buck), such as the sand dollar ornament at the column capitals, the shaped rafter tails, and raised panels for the porch.

Island House Elevation

Island House Conceptual Elevation

Porch Entrance for Island House

Detail View of Porch Entrance