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We offer a wide range of services for all clients, including individuals institutions companies governments
Shue Design Associates carefully considers the needs of each client and their project individually.  Regardless of the building type and its level of complexity, our designs reflect the combined sensibilities of the client and our staff.  We seek to provide seamless integrations with each project’s site, as if the project were always meant to look the way it does, where it is.
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Areas of expertise:

Residential 70%
Commercial 10%
Institutional 15%
Government 5%

Extensive Options

No two projects are the same, and our process-based design methodology leads us to the best possible solution based on each client’s individual needs.

Super Fast

We are trained professionals in all modes of design production, and we are extremely efficient with our software.

Unique Features

Every project is different from the rest, based on any number of design considerations.

Fully Responsive

Our buildings are designed to fulfill their specific purposes and adapt over time as necessary.

Stunning Design

Our design vision and construction knowledge leads to beautiful projects that clients consider unique and special.

Attention to Details

We like to figure out as much as possible before projects go out to bid, so that construction phase design is minimized.

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