Why Work With Us?

Shue Design Associates provides a higher level of service than you can typically expect from general contractors or even some other design firms.  We act primarily as your advocate throughout the design and construction of your project by locating your structure in the most advantageous position on the site and accurately translating your requirements into plans, elevations, and details.  Shue Design Associates is sensitive to land conservation issues and is familiar with applicable building codes and zoning regulations.

Shue Design Associates can also furnish a complete set of drawings and specify the materials going into the structure in such detail as to allow several contractors to submit competitive bids on the project.  As your agent during the construction phase of the project, we can help you evaluate the bids received and assist you in selecting a contractor.

Shue Design Associates prefers to be actively involved in construction and can help protect your interests during the construction phase by documenting that your project is being built in accordance with approved plans and specifications.

Also, throughout the process, Shue Design Associates handles most of the paperwork associated with a construction project.  With contracts, permits, bidding forms, site reports, filing for various certificates, letters, payment requests, et cetera the amount of paperwork can be substantial.

On top of all that, Shue Design Associates brings a very high level of craft to the table.  Contractors have said that they have never seen drawings as clear and informative as those we produce.  We have found that concise drawings allow contractors to make accurate bids and keep construction on schedule.  In reality, most of our projects require a high level of drawing detail, so much so that it has become second nature for us to quickly produce accurate and beautiful drawings.

We are often asked how much we charge for design services.  Shue Design Associates maintains that good design and successful projects are most important, so we evaluate each project based on each client’s unique goals. In terms of fee structure (fixed fee, percentage of construction cost, hourly rate), we are usually flexible.