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Bolivia, NC Mixed Use

Project Type

Master Planning


Bolivia, NC

Shue Design Associates had a mixed-use vision for a piece of commercial land in Bolivia, NC. The vision included a mix of retail, office, and residential space. The architect believed that this mix of uses would create a vibrant and walkable community.

The developer clients were initially skeptical of the mixed-use vision. They were concerned that it would be too difficult to attract tenants for all of the different types of space.

However, the architect was able to convince them that the vision was feasible.

The architect worked with the developer clients to develop a detailed plan for the mixed-use development. The plan included a variety of retail shops, office space, and apartments. The architect also designed a central plaza that would serve as a gathering place for the community.

The mixed-use development aims to be a success. The retail shops are predicted to be well-tenanted, and the office space should lease up quickly, especially with other residential developments being built nearby. The apartments will be popular, and the development will help to revitalize the area.

The architect's mixed-use proposal for a piece of commercial land in Bolivia, NC is yet un-built. The proposed development aims to create a vibrant and walkable community that benefits both the developer clients and the residents of the area.

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